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Ticket to the past

As I approached mums car, I was so excited for her surprise: I had been thinking about it all day.
” So mum what’s happening?” I asked eager to find out.
” You’ll see.” she replied not giving too much away.
I was annoyed by this so I thumped angrily on my seat and didn’t talk to her until we reached what looked like grandad’s farm!

“This can’t be happening!” I shouted.
“Grandad needs some help with milking the cows, so come on and get out of the car Charlotte or you’ll be late!” mum exclaimed.
Now I was utterly infuriated: this was meant to be a surprise not a work day!

An hour into work, grandad told me to dig up a big hole for the crops (which were arriving the next day) so I got right into it. Although I didn’t like the sound of working with grandad, it was alright. As I was digging I found a golden clock with a button at the top. curious and itching to find out, I pressed the button…

Suddenly, I was in ancient Egypt. Where was grandad? I was getting scared now! What should I do?

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