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Tinkering Tuesday 30th June

It’s Tinkering Tuesday!
Listen to the show AGAIN

Activity 1

Activity 2


Activity 3

Writing a description of your invention

What is your mechanical invention?

  • e.g. a machine for making chocolate.
  • How does it work? What does it do that makes it special? Before you click submit, make sure you have reviewed your post and checked that the spelling and punctuation are correct and that it makes sense.

4 thoughts on “Tinkering Tuesday 30th June”

  1. Olivia Sacred Heart Battersea says:

    Hello everyone! So excited for the show to get going! can’t wait!

  2. Creativity Mrs W says:

    Can we please have a button to ‘like’ the work on the padlets as there are so many brilliant ones!

  3. Emma B says:

    Is the noise an old type writer?

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