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Top Things To Do With Spare Time, By Jessica

Thankyou Russell and Mr Rocky, a great show today. But its about to get even better because here’s a report on the top things you can do in your spare time with me, Jessica.

1. I like to do craft in free time. You could make a table football from a shoebox, you could make a dream catcher with a cardboard ring, and then you could thread beads through colourful string and tie it onto the ring.

2. You could make a den out of a tarpaulin and rope and sleep in it overnight. There are lots of den ideas on the internet, but always ask an adult before you go online.

3. Re-listen to Learn Radio and amuse yourself with the excellent activities provided by our fabulous hosts.

4. Go for a nice walk (on your own if over 13 and with an adult otherwise). You might want to take a picnic or find a nice place to make a den with your friends.

5. See if you can get the seeds out of fruit and plant them in the garden. Water them daily and see what grows. If you find it easier you can always buy seeds for cheap prices at garden centres or online. Ask an adult for help on choosing the right seeds

I hope you cure boredom with these five ideas. Stay safe and thankyou for listening. I’ve been Jessica, now to the hosts of this excellent show.

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