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Uplifting and Humorous Beach Story (Told by Nell) by Bethany (10)

I raced along a strip of beach, sand shuffling between my toes. Looking back, I saw my three best friends, Jo, Bettie and Fred, running to me, Bettie flicking her hair over her shoulder. “Hey, Nell, wait!” Fred called, winking. To my right, the sea glimmered, iridescent teal, turquoise and azure, the waves lapping the sand and to my left were some towering cliffs. I loved the beach; it was my paradise.

We stopped by our favourite place in the whole beach: a small, enclosed cluster of rocks. Sitting down, we let the foam wash over our toes, and the breeze tickle our face. Bettie casually flicked her hair over her shoulder and leant against one of them. Salt spray splattered at us, causing Jo to fall over backwards, her body collapsing over me. We really had fun together, was what I thought; we really did. Scrambling over the rocks, Fred beckoned for us to follow him, and I trailed along, checking my watch: 7:10. Betty, yet again, flicked a strand of hair over her shoulder. The sun had almost set, but not quite, as it was well into June.

Glancing up, I saw my village, above the rocks, and grinned and giggled at the thought of my Mother cooking her beef stew, apron on and covered in slop. Jo grabbed my hand and we followed Fred into a dark cave. Almost suddenly, a million lights flickered on and off…on and off. “Fireflies!” Bettie gasped, and in such awe, she forgot to flick her hair over her shoulder.

After a while, I said, “I’d better go!” Bettie nodded. Carefully, we ran out of the cave and raced into the amber light of sunset…

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