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Waiting patiently for Candyfloss

I stood in the queue for the candyfloss. The smell as it was being made, made my mouth water. I took the shiny coins from my purse and held them tight in my hand. I slowly moved to first place and I just got more excited. The lady took my coins and started to spin the candyfloss on the stick. It was mesmerizing to see all the candyfloss being made. She handed me the stick and I reached out my hard in slow motion. I held the candyfloss in my hand and started to eat it without hesitation. The smell transported me to when I was little and I felt at peace.

One thought on “Waiting patiently for Candyfloss”

  1. Creativity Mrs W says:

    Liv and I wrote this together and took it turns to write the sentences. It was great fun.

    Liv, I love the word ‘mesmerizing’ it is really descriptive. Great writing and ideas! 🙂

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