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Wellbeing Wednesday 1st July

It’s Wellbeing Wednesday!
Listen to the show AGAIN

Activity 1

Activity 2


Activity 3

A message of hope

Write a message of Hope

  • e.g. My message of hope
  • What are you hopeful for in the future? Before you click submit, make sure you have reviewed your post and checked that the spelling and punctuation are correct and that it makes sense.

3 thoughts on “Wellbeing Wednesday 1st July”

  1. Larraine Harrison says:

    I would pay thousands for a tidying up machine like this one mentioned today- So would most of the parents I think! I love the other inventions too – a kindness machine and a maths one too. A great idea to start Wellbeing Wednesday as they all would definitely help with my wellbeing! Keep up the great inventions.

  2. Keerat says:

    Is that noise a camera taking a picture?

  3. Dean says:

    Is the noise a football rattle?

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