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what am i

A one leg stander
A island dweller
A fish finder
A salty sipper
A pink flapper
A shrimp shredder
A flock flyer
A ballet dancer
of all the animals i am the best
i am a flamingo did you guest that

3 thoughts on “what am i”

  1. Creativity Mrs W says:

    This is great Kitty, Alice and Avina – great collaboration. I remember when we did the Beowulf Kennings and made that awesome class book with silver pens on black paper! Remember that James said to keep the ‘obvs’ (obvious) for later on in the kenning, as there are few animals who stand on one leg. Remember that ‘i’ is always a capital letter. Great that you wrote together 🙂

  2. Bethany (10) says:

    Hello Kitty, Alice and Avina,
    This is a wonderful piece of writing that you have created here! I like how you make it very clear to what the creature might be! Is it a flamingo? Well done on a great section of writing!

    Bethany (10) 🙂

    1. Alice Thorntree says:

      Thank you!

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