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Wolf by Bethany

I glowered at a rustling bush, pawing the snow. Suddenly, a male wolf jumped out of it like my brother when I was little, always scaring us. But it wasn’t my brother. It wasn’t any of my Tribe. It wasn’t a Silver. No way. Was it a Black? ‘There are others out there. Dangerous Tribes.’ My Grandpa’s words echoed in my head. Yes, it was a Black. Taking a step forward, he growled under his breath. Now I could smell him, a mix of rotten fish and carcass. Scattering snow behind me, I ran towards the Forbidden Territories, away from my Tribe. But I didn’t care, not now, not where death is involved. The wolf was around three times larger than me. I knew that I was in grave danger.

Nobody to look out for me.No Grandpa, no Mum, no Dad, no brother. No Tribe. I was well and truly lost, fate was on its way.

5 thoughts on “Wolf by Bethany”

  1. Creativity Mrs W says:

    This is great Bethany. Reminds me of Michelle Paver’s writing in Wolf Boy. I love the language you’ve used.

  2. Larraine Harrison says:

    Great writing Bethany. I love the opening line and the way you have written it from the perspective of a wolf. I would love to hear what happened next – a sure sign of good writing – build up of tension works well, as does the language you use. Well done. Keep writing.

  3. James Carter says:

    This writing just leaps off the page! It reads sooo well. You have great control over the rhythm and flow of the language. It’s like an extract from a forthcoming novel – for you know these characters, their relations, situations – its all so vivid. I have just four words of advice: PLEASE KEEP WRITING, BETHANY!

    1. Bethany (10) says:


  4. Sachin says:

    Fabulous vocab

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