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Wonder Fruit

A=1 L=12 W=23
B=2 M=13 X=24
C=3 N=14 Y=25
D=4 O=15 Z=26
E=5 P=16
F=6 Q=17
G=7 R=18
H=8 S=19
I=9 T=20
J=10 U=21
K=11 V=22
Is there a fruit with the sum of 53?
What is your favourite fruit’s sum?
​What is a tomato’s sum?

One thought on “Wonder Fruit”

  1. Creativity Mrs W says:

    This is great Vicky. Let’s have a ‘fun thinking club’ at school! We could get children involved in the radio programme to run it! How exciting for next year! You are amazing 🙂

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