Aliens Love Baby Chimpanzees

On planet 1010 there lived 99999monkeys 99999chimpanzees and 1 alien called Bella. Bella was a sapphire blue alien ,whose planet was coated in sand like a furry coat covering you up when your making snow angels keeping you warm, with brown hair hazel eyes and wore a weak yellow swimming costume with a chimp face in the center and when she touched the ears she called “GO MONKEY GO!” and turned into one! She also wore black bouncy boots that would help her boing up to the top of the palm trees that swayed in the wind. Once she turned into a chimpanzee she hopped over to her friend Carrie chimp and had a marvellous time on planet 1010 before going to sleep in her chimpanzee monkey treehouse where she spend the rest of the night laying on her banana bed nibbling on nut-mix all night long dreaming about her fabulous day at Monkey/Chimpanzee/One Alien/Home Planet 1010. 9999999999999999999 miles away from any human, other monster or unseasoned cabbage.