Breeds of dogs

The dogs challenge

A=10 B=20 C=30 D=40 E=50 F=60 G=70

H=80 I=90 J=100 K=110 L=120 M=130 N=140

O=150 P=160 Q=170 R=180 S=190 T=200 U=210

V=220 W=230 X=240 Y=250 Z=260

Ect. Pug, Bulldog ,Husky,Pomeranian ,Chihuahua , Dalmatian ,Corgi ,Dachshund ,Poodle, Labrador, Beagle and more
Do you have a dog if not what is your favourite can you find out there number by adding up your dogs breed you could see what is the lowest number or the highest ect. pug =160+210+70=440.