When I stet foot inside the cockpit of the Red Arrow 3, It looked better than last performance with a lick of paint and a high tech control system. As I placed my shaking hands onto the wheel waiting for take-off, feeling the hair standing up on my neck thoughts and predictions flooded my head like a tidal wave knocking over many surfers in its way. Then,my grip went from barely touching the steering system to grabbing on it with my life at risk I was extremely nervous.
The countdown went off over my speakers, as the numbers decreased my fear increased 3,2,1 I reached out for my gear-stick and yanked it towards me. As a result I was soaring through the cloudless sky with Red Arrows 1 and 2 beside me and I stared down at the visitors who became as tiny as ants whilst the trees became blurry green blobs. A grin spread across my face as I was doing what I loved the most, putting smiles on peoples faces.