The cottage south of the sea.

I gripped tightly round the handle of my teacup frequently sipping the warm beverage whilst the rain trickled down my window. Watching many people strolling down the beach as if there was no rain delicately patting down on their shoulders then, I thought if they were out enjoying the rain why was I choosing to stare at four walls?

As soon as I set foot outside the sky cleared from a murky grey to a bright blue as if I was radiating a source of light, the clouds had went to sleep and faded away whilst the sun beamed down around the little cottage south of the sea that I called home. The sea gently rolled into the shore and shells emerged from the sand that was coating them like a duvet over a tired child.

The aqua ocean looked transparent I could see the coral reef with its magnificent colours like shocking pink and a vibrant yellow and tropical fish swimming in circles. I wanted to step in but my mind said it was to cold so I dipped in my little finger then my hand, it was pleasantly warm. Whilst I was amazed by the water a school of tropical fish surrounded me, back to their homes. It was magical and that feeling will never leave me, not in a million years.