The Freedom of the air and of the feather

I felt my self become free as father bird finally let me go. The speed of his flight began to deteriorate as I went to live my life and journey to see the world. I waited to find the answer that will determine my life. What type of feather would I be? Part of a human’s collection and maybe drowned in ink then stamped on a strange surface known as ‘paper’ or would I be released and everywhere in the world would be accessible to me at my will. The answer is to come, however I am the only on who will know for sure so let the journey begin!
It started with me swooping between tree branches, I felt like the most free feather in the universe as I soared the skies like superman and twisted and turned as the gusts of the relentless wind propelled me around. Under a bridge and finally scimmed the ocean before beginning my decent to the sea: the world is beautiful and the question I asked my entire life had been answered, I am a free feather. The feather is free like it’s bird father. Every feather is spread around to define a bird and the grace of the feather is born off the father bird. But what is the life of the feather… it is one mystery to be known. However one thing is ultimately determined, feathers are free, feathers are soft, feathers are descended from birds, feathers… are one with the wind.