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The Magic Watch,by Sachin

I swear, it was an accident! Getting transported by an antique watch to a different world may not seem like an accident, but you never saw what happened. My name is Spachin and I have a story to tell. Not like one that your mum would read to you after stroking you and tucking you in. An interesting one.
And yes, so I am not named and shamed by the people of my town, I must maintain a decent level of confidentiality. This is the reason I have a pseudonym- Spachin.

Here we go. You comfy? I bet you’ll be. Hearing bout someone else’s misfortune, eh! You’ll enjoy this one.
‘Mum!’ I had screamed from the garret.
‘Yes! Have you knocked off Gran’s porcelain vase, oh no, no!’
‘No! What’s this little round thing?’ I squealed, presenting a dusty thing with a gilded chain that resembled an eye, a lid like an eyelid.
‘Oh, that’s your late great-grandfather’s pocket watch. He told me to take good care of it. Do leave it to rest somewhere safe in the attic and come down, clear your lego so the it doesn’t block the folding ladder.’
And after that, Mother had left me alone.
Something had me attracted to the pocket watch. I opened it and admired the gleam of it in the light.
And almost out of nowhere, as I prodded the number seven, I was sucked into the face of the clock. It seemed like the face was enlarged and was massive.
Yup, so now I am in a huge desert, with a sandstorm whipping my cheeks. Nowhere to go- will I see my family again.. no idea..

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