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The school stationary pen!

The school stationary pen is not just a pen but is a multi-purpose stationary pen.It has the base of an average button pen but that is not all it is. The button on the top of the pen is actually an eraser that can be used to rub out any mistakes no matter if they are in pen or pencil.If you push it down it will automatically replace the ink or led from the end of the pen.In between the rubber and the body is a little bar which if you twist the top comes of like a lid.Inside you will find a mini pair of scissors and a pencil sharpener. The next part of the pen is the body.The body is a ruler which is marked in cm .In between the end of the pen and the body is another bar,if you twist it,it removes the end and out comes a glue stick.The end of the pen is half black pen and half grey led pencil.If you press the number 3 on the ruler 3 times the ink becomes invisible.This pen does need fuel though.Its fuel can be an easy or hard maths question.The harder the question, the longer its energy lasts.