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8 Goals for the Next School Years,by Sachin

1. To pass the 11+
2. To earn at least 2 golden certificates(these are for good work)
3. To make someone smile every day
4. To get better at drawing
5. To try and get into the best grammar school around here where I live
6. To win 7 staring contests by the 2nd of September next year
7. To try and stay in touch with you. The last learnradio show I will be able to listen to is on the 1st of September 🙁
8. To try and meet the team in person!

One thought on “8 Goals for the Next School Years,by Sachin”

  1. Creativity Mrs W says:

    Sachin, these are wonderful goals. I wonder if I could win a staring contest! What a lovely goal to make someone smile each day. I wonder how you can make yourself smile too? Thank you Sachin

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