A whole in 67

After three long days,(that, at times, felt like three weeks) we finally have our new, golf champion . Mark Putter, the 25 year old former milkman has finally delivered. His round did not start well, he spent so much time in the bunker, he really needed a bucket and spade, but as his round went on, his shots got better, and he started to find his rhythm. You would think he was trying to get a ten from Len the way he was quickstepping down the fairway. His play around the greens was extraordinary. I have not seen that many chips in one day since I was at the frozen food section at the super market. He just had one slip up in the latter part of his round, but I am sure Doris will be ok once the lump on her head goes down. You would have thought this would have put him off his stride, but it did not and he ended up a worthy winner. Speaking after the event, Mark thanked the fans and the sponsors for his £12.64 in winnings and looks forward to defending his title next year, but tomorrow’s milk may be a little bit late!