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Blackpool tower

Do you fancy seeing the Eiffel Tower but don’t fancy a choppy boat trip across the English Channel? Then look no further than a speedy jaunt up the M6 to a seaside town, where the rock is pink and crunchy, the chips are golden and salty and the tower stands tall, watching over it all.
Blackpool tower, at 158 meters tall, is a pretty noticeable landmark. Don’t forget, whoever spots it first has to buy the ice creams!
It is crammed full of attractions of all shapes and sizes. If you want to get a 10 from Len, then strap on those dancing shoes and quick step around the beautiful tower ballroom, where the world famous Wurlitzer, majestically rises from the deep.
Or, if it is a laugh you need, then head down to a ring so round, with a nose so red. Be ready to be amazed by acrobats twisting like eels, soaring like eagles and flipping like pancakes.
If you have a head for heights, take the stairs to the top. Are you brave enough to walk the Walk of Faith? With knuckles, white and face, a hint of green, you can walk over, and maybe look down. The floor is glass, see-through, totally transparent. I believe it is an amazing view. This I cannot confirm as I haven’t actually managed it with open eyes!
Blackpool Tower is my perfect place and I don’t even need my passport!

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