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Chapter 2: Lily and Alfonso, Arch Enemies

After I had struggled out of the grasp of the ‘I’m so disappointed’ and the ‘Why, o, why Lilliana’s, I raced to my bedroom at the top of the house to form a Master Plan. Brandishing my phone (which I had fortunately saved from getting taken away by unforgiving parents), I scrolled down my contacts until the words ‘Sophia Everett’ popped up on the screen. It had an icon with a dark-skinned girl with long, chestnut hair in the corner-Sophia from 5 years ago. With hands like cheetahs, I hurriedly typed:

Hi Soph. I’m grounded for the weekend (sad face) I need you to help me come up with a Master Plan, to get it at Alfonso. Lxx

Minutes later, a reply popped up on the screen.

What about we tear out his homework. I could ask him to help and I could take it out, give him yours until Wednesday. What about it? Sxx

You’re a genius Sophia! I’ll see you Monday. When’ll you do it? Sunday? Lxx
Yep. See ya! Sxx
I perched on my bed, staring absent-mindedly out of the grimy skylight. When would Dad clean it? Well, obviously not now, because my brothers, Dan and Dec, needed their Train Track set up and their beds made. I sighed-for what seemed like the thousandth time that day-and picked up an old photo. It was gold-framed, like a special memory. Standing in the photo were my Mum, Dad, three-year-old Dan and Dec, Sophia’s family: her Mum, Dad and elder sister Beth, and Alfonso’s Mum, Dad and younger brother, Ellis and elder sister, Zoe. When we were all friends. 4 years ago then. That was done-over with-and yet I felt guilty. I shrugged the feeling off and got up.

Sitting at my desk, I tugged my floppy homework book out of my tatty, crimson rucksack. Slapping it onto the wood, I brandished a pencil and snuck a small glance at the first question. 150 x 10. WHAT??? That’s WAY TOO HARD! Guess what I did? I called Sofia.
RING RING! RING RING! My phone vibrated in my left hand as the ring tone echoed around my small, cold room for the third time. Where was Sofia?

After minutes of tedious standing and waiting, I gave up and settled on a text instead.
Where are you? The first question is SO hard. Maths homework- you know? I need help, I’m drowning in maths! Help me, Soph! See you on Monday! Lxx
I shoved my phone angrily into the drawer beside my bed and lay down tiredly, trying to spot seagulls through the grimy skylight. Before I knew it, I was fast asleep…