Crumbles under the sofa

Have you ever enjoyed eating a cheese sandwich without a plate to catch the crumbs? What about when you devoured a chocolate-chip cookie? What about the toast you had with raspberry jam?

The crumbs that fall on the floor might get forgotten, or you might have kicked them away with your sock. You might have even thought that someone had cleaned them all up.

But next time you drop some crumbs, watch out – look out – check that a teeny-tiny hand doesn’t creep out from under the sofa to save them.
You see, Crumbles might be underneath. Crumbles is a little alien who LOVES crumbs.

But not because she eats them – oh no – Crumbles collects them like a squirrel. Crumbles makes ‘crumb sculptures’ out of them.

She is very good. In fact, she is the best. She is FAMOUS! Well on her planet anyway!

When she has finished the sculptures on earth, she transports them back to her home planet of Crumbania. Everyone knows of her famous ‘Mona Crumb-Lisa’ sculpture made from crumpet crumbs, as well as her well-known ‘The Crumb-Thinker’ made from Ciabatta crumbs. She has been all around the world to collect her crumbs. Even to the Caribbean to collect Coco-Bread crumbs for her sculpture of the ‘Pyra-crumb-mids!

I hear she is working on a new project of cookie crumbs at the moment and is searching for a new Earth home to make her new sculpture of the ‘Statue of Liber-crumb-ty’.

So, next time you are eating a cookie, watch out – who knows – you might be able to help Crumbles with her next artistic masterpiece!

Happy munching – or should I say – happy crumbling!

* I would love to see some creative pictures to illustrate this story!

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