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how to be a goose

If you want to be a goose follow these three steps.

Step 1. To be a goose you need so encourage others to keep going because that is what geese are doing when they are honking.

Step 2.You need to be very kind if you want to be a goose so If some one gets harmed you should stay withe them and try to make them feel better.

Step 3.If your in a group with different jobs you should take it in turns to do the easy jobs and hard jobs.

Now you know how to be a goose this is what geese do.

If a goose is harmed in flight two geese will go with the harmed goose until it feels beater or dies.:(
when geese are flying they honk to make the others keep going.
when geese are flying they flay in a v shape to help them fly and they take it in turns to be in the front.

2 thoughts on “how to be a goose”

  1. Creativity Mrs W says:

    Good step-by-step guide Jake to ‘be more goose’. You listened well to what Gavin said today and explained it well. Remember to check your writing to see if you need any punctuation or capital letters at the beginning of sentences. Thank you for your contribution Jake. 🙂

  2. eurodice says:

    i really wanna be a goose

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