My alien

Once aponia a time aliens would come and visit us to stop fights Then leave ant wait to come back but on day they were discovered and one was captured and integrated he said my name is Mo I am here to help restore peace to the world they said he can go if he was telling the truth. But they didn’t let him go they thought he was lying and kept him this angered his people and they launched an attach to set him free. They got their pants and sling shots and went to save him two were sent around back to get him the rest would distracted. They didn’t
didn’t blende in well they were green and red. They saw a camera and shot their pants at it then after 30 minuets of searching they found him. In a cage but they couldn’t get him out so they ripped their last pair of pants and set him free they reattracted their steppes and got back into their ship and on their way home.

One thought on “My alien”

  1. Rachel Orr says:

    Ollie, I began to laugh because suddenly I had an image of the aliens using the pants as slingshots!

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