My favourite music and why

My favourite music is rap because it helps me concentrate so when I am not in school I play rap when I need to work and I can get it done quicker and more accurate that is the same with some of my friends. I also like it because it can have a good beat. I like other music but rap is my favourite my band is the queens because each night my mum and dad put on absolute radio 60’s to 90’s
so I now like some of that music. Some of my favourite songs are called candy paint, sad, hope and robbery which are not all by the same person. My cousins
favourite band are one direction and her favourite singer is harry styles.

One thought on “My favourite music and why”

  1. Rachel Orr says:

    Ollie, I also love a good beat with music. It’s great when your feet cannot help but move to the rhythm. It’s a great feeling getting lost in the music.

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