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my hopes and worrys for the furture.

Life has been very strange lately because of covid -19 becuse we had to stay at home and we could not go out and see your family members or friends

My hopes for the furture are that i hope to past my sats that are in one year and that i make frenids when i go to secondery school . Also get got job that i am happy doing and raelly what to own a resturent and be head cheaf of it or be nurse and helppeople in the furture .

i hope that my frineds will come back to school soon and we do not have to socile disdens wit them also so that i can see them all .

i also hope that the covid-19 will go and it will never come back and that that people stop littering and cuting down trees .

One thought on “my hopes and worrys for the furture.”

  1. Carol Allen says:

    Hello Kitty,
    What a lovely blog post with your hopes and worries for the future! Life has indeed been strange and you have picked some fab examples to share. I really like the mixture between hopes that will happen soon, for example when you get to meet up with friends again and longer term hopes such as possible jobs that you would like. You must be a good cook to want your own restaurant, I think its a good idea but my cooking is not so good! I do think that your final two points about litter and cutting down trees are a bit too important to just be added on at the end of a sentence. Perhaps if you ever rewrite this, they could have their own paragraphs? Well done and keep writing!

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