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My journey

Iv’e been alive for years and I am very old I have walked miles and I had two owners because my first owner had me for a bit but he grew out of them and left me on the streets so a wonderful person came from the streets and picked me up and put me on his feet.
His feet were as cold as ice and dirty as a elephant that has never been washed but I didn’t mind because we were like best friends even though I tried to communicate with him but it probably sounded like a squeak because we don’t speak the same language
I have not been to many exiting sites as he doesn’t have a car only a trolley to push his stuff in and sometimes me.
I have been to a place it was huge it was around 151 feet big right it had a candle in its hand and had a crown on her had I think it was called something like this the statue of library or it could be like that I don’t know .
It was amazing and I would love to go there again
there is some bad places i have slept like under a bridge I heard sirens and cars honking I got quite damp as water dripped of the filthy bridge it was scary but I snuggled up to my owner
my owner is lovely he normally sleeps on the streets I don’t know why but I really don’t think it matters.
I am old but I never die I just get older and more worn out so is my owner one day in the morning I was in a field waiting for my human to wake up but he never woke up I waited for hours but still he never did sadly there was only one thing this could be he passed a way I laid there making puddles of tears so I went
after a few weeks I knew he was in a safe place and a shop saw me and I over heard them saying we could fix those shoes into knew ones and sell them I was over the moon to here what they just said so they did .

4 thoughts on “My journey”

  1. Bethany and Michela says:

    Oh no! How did he pass away? We like how you show that the shoe has emotions and how you thought like that shoe would think. We really felt for the shoe Avina! Maybe you could write about what happened after that, maybe someone bought them? We think that this is a wonderful piece of writing!

    Bethany and Michela xx 🙂

  2. Rachel Orr says:

    Avina, I read this piece aloud to my Mum. We were both very moved by it. I love your opening lines and the fact you have had two owners. Although you have never mentioned homelessness, your description of the wearer and where they sleep tells us just that so clearly.
    I especially liked this line, ‘I am old but I never die. I just get older and more worn out.’ You have breathed life into these shoes. ORRsome. Well done.

  3. Diana James says:

    Wow! What an emotive piece of writing. You have made me feel sad and hopeful at the same time. Read your work aloud. Can you hear that your sentences are very long? Change a couple so that you vary your sentence structure from long, short and simple (about just one thing). I really enjoyed reading your writing. Thank you for sharing it. Mrs James

  4. Creativity Mrs W says:

    Avina, I am so proud of your writing – this piece of writing is so moving. You have really used your voice here through your empathy and creative thinking. I love how the shoes were trying to communicate with his owner – I will listen out to my shoes from now on and see if I understand what they are saying to me! I wonder what new adventures the shoes will go onto now? You could make a language translation book for things our shoes say to us! Well done Avina – you are amazebubbles! 🙂

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