Never Hunt Animals

In the deep, blue, shining sea, in his huge boat, there was a terrible shark hunter. Annoyingly, he just hunts these creatures to sell for money. Looking for his next unexpecting victim, he sat for hours, eagerly watching the water for movement.
But then, the boat suddenly tipped, like karma telling him to stop. Drowning, he called for help whilst gasping for air. Then- to his horror- he saw a shark coming his way…
Fortunately, the shark seemed friendly and at first helped the hunter by letting him climb on his back but during the swim to shore he realised who this person was. In an instant, he quickly flipped the man off his back and into his mouth. Distressed, he screamed as loud as he could which gained attention from multiple people on a yacht who bravely saved his life
Grateful, the hunter promised to leave the sharks alone and stopped hunting (it wasn’t worth the risk anyway). That’s what you should do, too: never hunt animals.