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News at Seven, by Sachin

‘Hello there and welcome to the Seven 0’clock news with Sachin. Today we have a report on the nature of leaf insects, with Dr Bumblebee o’ Beetle.’
‘We would love to read your questions on the radio so please send them in within the next 6 minutes.
So, introducing, the one and only….. Doctor Bumblebee o’ Beetle! Welcome to the studio, doctor!’

‘Hello, Sachin! I am pleased to be here! Just been studying the anatomy of a Phylliidae!’
‘Sorry, did you say the scientific name of the Leaf Insect?’
‘Yes, yes! Okay, let’s answer some questions!’
‘Righty ‘o ! The first one, from the username ‘yayo’, says, ‘Do you know a leaf insect when you see one?’ ‘
‘Ok, so no, because they are easily mistaken for leaves, they are camouflaging all the time. So yes, I can’t without close inspection.’
‘Would you mind if I went off air? My cat’s eating my set of leaf insects!’
‘Sure, I will catch you soon! See you, hope you get your insects back. Thank you for spending the time you did. Ladies, gentlemen, thanks for your questions but we can’t continue this due to an unprecedented incident. Thanks again.’

One thought on “News at Seven, by Sachin”

  1. Sachi says:

    I love this Sachin!

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