Red Arrows Thursday 16th July

It’s Red Arrows Thursday!
Listen AGAIN to the show:

Activity 1


Activity 2

Activity 3

From my Hawk cockpit I can see...

  • e.g. From my cockpit I can see
  • What can you see from your Red Arrows jet? What sounds can you hear? How many lights, buttons and controls are there? Before you click submit, make sure you have reviewed your post and checked that the spelling and punctuation are correct and that it makes sense.

One thought on “Red Arrows Thursday 16th July”

  1. Larraine Harrison says:

    A wonderful subject for children to write about – with a pilot on the show too- Red Arrows – makes me scared thinking about it but as one child said – they would feel alive and free! Can’t beat that for a stimulus and the video of a view from a plane is a good idea.

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