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Shoe Through Adventures

The shoe wondered hmm where am I? How can I get back to my owner? Suddenly she realised she was abandoned, her owner forgot about her. But she kept on trying to find her then she was too tired. She woke up in a shoe store she saw another shoe. “Hey excuse me where am I?”
“You are in a shoe factory, where did you come from?”
“I came from my owner she abandoned me.”
“Oh” “Don’t worry I hope you can find another owner.”
Suddenly the door opened and she then saw a familiar face!

2 thoughts on “Shoe Through Adventures”

  1. Bethany and Michela says:

    Wow! Was the face her owner! If it was, maybe you could say ‘I jumped for joy!’ I like how you included other shoes but wec think that you could have named them!This sparks a lot of questions like how the shoe got there and why. Where was the shoe before? It enhances the reader a lot!

    Bethany and Michela xx 🙂

  2. Rachel Orr says:

    Bishal, I like how you have given your shoe a voice. It is asking questions. It sounds upset, too. You have given it feelings. I really want to know who the familiar face is and how they react when they see the shoes.

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