the best day ever

I woke up like nothing was unusual .I had just remembered we are going to the beach ! I couldn’t wait , we could build sand castles , surf in the sea?‍♀️ ,have ice cream and loads of other stuff.My tummy rumbled i was famished ran down stairs I saw my dad wearing this ward shirt with spiders and islands on it? , I looked onto the table there was a big stack of my Favourite breakfast on a plate …PANCAKES!! I soon realised this was going to be the best day ever . My brother – Dylan -walked in he snatched one pancake from the pile ! He usually scoffs the whole lot ❗I ran up stairs grabbed my bag (That i packed last night ) and ran too the front door everyone was ready. We jumped into the car I got to sit in the front because my dad was working on his laptop?.This is the best day ever!! We arrived at the beach the salty sea water landed on my face as I stepped out of the car . It was lunch time and I had a cheese and cucumber sandwich -my favourite . After lunch,we went surfing, Dylan went body boarding because he is to little.It was so fun .Mum said we could get a twin ice cream !! It was time to go now but this was the most amazing day in my life .