The misters stone age

Today I had a hut to sleep in it was scary but it is fine the food is not good but I was so hungry so i had to eat it. Then I went to explore I saw lots of people huddling together thy were building a home they all were raging it was so cramped but I got away. The clothing is weird but it is fun I saw animals such as snakes, buzzards and more. There were very aggressive animals, including a big tiger that was chasing a man so I went to help. I found a large spear on the floor and ran up a tall tree. As fast as I could I got to the top and jumped of and cut the tiger’s neck open and helped the man up and he said “thank you so much your my hero” and I said” its fine” and we become friends and he always calls me his hero and it was bed time and I went to sleep in my hut.