The Siren Simulation.

As I walked through the deep, dark woods I regretted coming here. My patrol car was still behind me but I was sent to investigate the peculiar disappearance of Henry Parker. Just as I was going to carry on I heard an ear piercing siren that cut through the silence of the damp, nightmarish forest like a knife. Legend said that a creature roamed this forest with a long skeleton like body and sirens for a head. Locals called it Siren Head. Remembering it I stood, frozen in terror of the thing.The black birds flew off as huge thumping steps were coming towards me. I turned around to get in my car but… nothing, there was nothing there. A few bits of ripped cloth and an endless abyss. There was a scream but it was blurred out by he sound of crunching. Something was there and it was coming fast.

I ran off scared for my life of what the horrific monster wold do to me. I ran, ran, ran but it was all the same. By this point I was sweating like mad my hands were shaking so much, I thought I was dead. The throbbing pain in my head was so severe I was sure I was going to faint. At that point I just gave up. There was no escaping it. “Heh there’s no point. I’m doomed.” I thought to myself. It came closer and closer until BAM I fell to the ground in exhaustion just as the beast arrived…

2 thoughts on “The Siren Simulation.”

  1. charwee says:

    hi dexter

  2. Dexter says:

    My mum found it scary.

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