Word Problems

1a. Emily had 40 sweets. She gave 12 to Daisy and 8 to Milly. How many sweets did she have left?

1b. Emily then gave half of her new amount to her brother Lucas. How many did she have left now?

2a. Hayden was giving out workbooks at school. He had 32 books in total to give out. He gave out 4 books to one table and another 6 to another table. How many books did he give out?

2b. Hayden then gave out another 9 books to some tables. How many books were left to give out?

2c. Hayden gave 3 books to the teacher because 3 children were off sick. How many books did he forget to give out?

One thought on “Word Problems”

  1. Mrs Davison says:

    Hi India,
    I’m going to have a go at your maths problem!
    1a 29
    1b 10
    2a 10
    2b 13
    2c 10?
    Goodness, that got me concentrating. I hope I did ok, its quite late
    Thanks for thinking up the problem and sharing.

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