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Be more goose

Geese are great and we need to be more like them so read on to find two ways to be more goose !
If one of the geese in flock is a little behind the others they will all slow down and honk them on . So if you see anyone a little stuck or behind you should cheer and help them back on track.
So are you feeling more goose yet ? Well don’t worry there is one more step coming your way. If a Geese is injured or ill 2 others will come and look after them instead of leaving him. So if you know some one who is ill or injured go and see if they are doing well.

Now you see how kind and smart geese are plus you know how to be more goose

One thought on “Be more goose”

  1. Creativity Mrs W says:

    Well remembered Alice. You listened really well to what Gavin said about Geese. I wonder how you can encourage others and be more goose too. 🙂

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