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Redruth is a great place too stay if you like surfing,body boding,hiking,swimming,rock pooling and the country side.

Redruth is quite a long drive it takes about 5-6 hours by car and 4-5 hours by train.However,it is definitely worth it ! We drive because we have a lot of stuff to bring . You can see Stonehenge on the way in the car .At the station there is a cute cat who lives there and you can go and stroke him.

There are lots of special land marks in Redruth such as castles,towers and statues..

One thought on “Cornwall,Redruth”

  1. Creativity Mrs W says:

    Thank you Alice. You explained the activities you could do should you decide to visit Redruth. Body boarding sounds fab! Have you been there before? What activities did you take part in? Try to say where the place is, eg which county it’s in, or where in the UK it is. Check your punctuation in the writing. You have two full stops at the end and a space should be after the full stop if it is followed by another sentence. Good effort Alice. Lovely to see you engaging with these activities 🙂

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