Fable Friday 10th July

It’s Fable Friday!
Listen to the show AGAIN!

Activity 1


Activity 2

Activity 3

Write your own Fable

  • e.g. The caterpillar and the jackdaw
  • Don't forget to think about what the moral of your story is. Before you click submit, make sure you have reviewed your post and checked that the spelling and punctuation are correct and that it makes sense.

5 thoughts on “Fable Friday 10th July”

  1. Lionel says:

    Hello from Lionel Primary School!

  2. Momchil says:

    Ello ello, can you please shout us out as Sycamore please, thanks

  3. Larraine Harrison says:

    So good to share some classic tales with children – so many good books about now, that some of these get overlooked. It took me years to be remember how to spell Aesop by the way! but the fables are great.

  4. Bethany (10) says:

    Wouldn’t it be nice if Learn Radio lasted forever? I THINK IT DEFINITELY WOULD BE NICE!!
    It would be ‘NICER THAN NICE’!

  5. Thijs says:

    People playing squash

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