The Mercrew

Markus (the captain of the ship) has gotten 100 men and set out on a journey to try and steal Spain. He took his own ship “The Mercrew” It was said it should take 3-4 months and The Mercrew is supposed to take 15 tons of gold, and on the way they are supposed to sink 3 Spanish ships. As they set out on an odyssey, one of the crewmates took a journal and 200 years after (now), it was found, this is what was retrieved from it.
Day 1
We unanchored a couple of hours ago and we are taking off to Spain.
Day 8
We are still near the English channel, we will try to go to southern Spain, since that’s where they haven’t armed it as much there.
Day 16
Our crackers are already starting to get rotten, but the water is still good.
Day 30
The crew is still doing good and we haven’t encountered any danger yet.
Day 38
We just saw a Spanish ship and we are chasing it!
Day 40
We have found another ship but we can’t destroy it now! We need to recover.
Day 61
We are almost there, we knocked down 2 ships so far and our ship is filled with rats, our crackers are mouldy and our water is a bit greener than before.
Day 69
Setting off with the gold we stole from Spain, we are going back.
Day 70
We have stored 2243 stones exactly, we measured it.
Day 107
We have came up against another Spanish ship this is the fourth one!
Day 124
We are back in The English Channel, a couple of days away from home!
Day 129 (End)
We have returned back to England and gave most of the profit to Elizabeth and taken 400 stones of gold to our selves.
That is the end of the diary, evidence of pirates and hatred between Spain and England.

2 thoughts on “The Mercrew”

  1. Diana James says:

    Thank you for posting your writing on the blog. I very much like the way you have created a ship’s log to tell the ‘story’. Using words such as odyssey turns your writing into a quest; well done. A tip for next time would be to add some of the crewmate’s feelings to each entry. I very much enjoyed reading your writing. Don’t forget to comment on the other authors’ work on the blog.
    Happy Writing
    Mrs James

  2. Larraine Harrison says:

    I loved the directness of the opening – it was a strong start and made me want to read on. I agree with Mrs James who said it would benefit from hearing about some of the crew’s feelings to each diary entry but a great idea. I enjoyed it.

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