I hope that in the future I will have lots of friends and be a famous YouTuber and have lots of subscribers so that I can earn money and surprise random people with expensive objects to make their day. I also hope that i can travel all around the world.

One thought on “Famous”

  1. Carol Allen says:

    Hello Dima
    I enjoyed reading your blog post, ‘Famous.’ You certainly have a very clear idea of what you hope you will be doing later in life and I was happy to see that your plan includes helping others with all the money you will make. I wonder if you have thought what your type of You Tube video presenter you will be? Fashion perhaps? Food? Music? It will be important to choose something you are passionate about so that you enjoy your work. In the meantime, work hard on your writing, as this will be useful whatever job you decide to do. Well done and keep writing!

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