Grizzly Roger

Grizzly Roger was a brave man who wasn’t afraid of anything he and his crew always win fights with other ships. Grizzly Roger had hair brown and it was spiky like a bears fur he had a beard as well that was really long as on boats they cant cut there hair as they didn’t bring scissors they wore black boots and a brown uniform and a black belt with swords and other sharp stuff. their boat was called the Royal Rascal it had two compartments were they put their stuff in and sleep in hammocks the deck is full of barrels of treasure as if they left it in a chest pirates would probably attack them to get there gold.but they had to much gold and not enough barrels so they needed more of them

So Grizzly Roger went to the crew and tells the crew that the next ship we see we have to attack them and also we can get more barrels and maybe there treasure.after they put there anchor out they finally the Royal Rascals sore a ship and on the count of three they attacked and they won and they took the barrels from the ship but then he was getting the barrels he saw the leader was still on the boat waking up from his sleep we sailed as fast as we could and at last the crew and Grizzly Roger got to the ship and sailed away

In the distance he saw the ship that he just attacked was sinking he was so happy he’d escaped so he put the rest of the treasure in the barrels and the ones that they took from the other ship and they all celebrated but in the future they had to attack again as the other barrels got full again.