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I Can See by Bethany (10)

I can see…
Candyfloss clouds floating leisurely past my cockpit,
A bright azure sky waiting to be painted in red, white and blue,
People down below; tiny and ant like, waving their mini limbs and cheering,
A million different buttons, flashing and beeping,
I can hear…
The jets working, growling and rumbling like a hungry feline,
Voices crackling in my headphones,
Levers and accelerators whir-whir-whirring,
Startled birds screeching as I hurtle past,
I can feel…
My stomach churning and grinding, unable to contain my lunch much longer,
My fingers groping for the right switches,
The dread lingering in the back of my mind
Adrenaline coursing through my body,
The wonder of being able to fly…

One thought on “I Can See by Bethany (10)”

  1. Masel says:

    WOW Bethany! that was a really amazing poem, you clearly have a lot of writing ability, I especially like the way you made it like a poem in verses and also how descriptive you were! Great Job!

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