The Crimson Hawk

The multi coloured control panel glistened in the blinding sun and the deafening winds scraped on the plane while the smoke exited it and danced across the blue, radiant sky and it just felt exhilarating! I looked down to find a giant, green square, which according to my aerial location it was the central park. Suddenly, my communication unit began to mumble… ( It was the commander and the lead pilot)
”Okay pilots… It’s time to create formation diamond… over” He ordered. And so… we made the necessary manoeuvres and continued to spew out coloured smoke. After some time the show had ended and the abundant number of crowds began to deteriorate as we all began our decent.
I climbed out of my plane and thought,
”I feel so free when flying!”
I went to the commander and asked,” Sir, I’d like to rename my plane,”
” Into what?” he asked knavishly.
” The crimson hawk,” I said. The commander gave a stern look before smirking and giving permission… I thanked him before running outside.
My plane was no longer flyer 317 but, The Crimson Hawk.

One thought on “The Crimson Hawk”

  1. Sachin says:

    Nice! Humorous, ominous and making you smile all in one piece of writing????

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