The Battle Of The Galleons.

In the Atlantic there was a huge galleon which was sailing towards the North Pacific to battle it’s enemies- the Nayals. From Australia, the Sydals has despised them for years after a dispute between two leaders meant they couldn’t trade. They wanted what the others had, so they inevitably fought for it.
The captains of the ships were Cutthroat and Dread. Dread was unusually gentle and only fought for what he needed; Cutthroat picked fights with everyone and was fierce and rough.
Weeks later,they had arrived at their destination. Dispite being weak from all of the diseases they caught, everyone aboard both ships were preparing to fight. With the enemy in view, they held their swords ready to attack.
Losing the battle, the Sydals attempted to flee but got trapped by their own nets which was stuck under a stone. Tangled like a turtle, they gave the others an easy win.