The kraken

The violent storm mercilessly threw us around, time and time again we would temporarily submerge and the waves stood up like an intimidating giant about to punch us into oblivion. I held on, as best I could, but then the storm had done it’s worst…My mother told me she loved me, I did the same before the sea began to glow a lime green as the waves rose up once more but higher then I had ever seen. It was then I realised that it wasn’t the waves…it was an octopus, no a kraken…
All eight of it’s arms wrapped around the ship and it tightened it’s grasp before it crushed the ship. At that moment I had no solid footing, I fell into the water and the sea glowed even brighter and it sucked me in. The last thing I saw was a green, triangular shaped hole in the sea. Then it hit me… The Bermuda triangle.

One thought on “The kraken”

  1. Larraine Harrison says:

    I loved this. Some interesting use of language – I liked the way you said it was an octopus, no a kraken and then started the next sentence with “All eight of it’s arms wrapped around the ship’. Instead of It had eight arms …. Just check your use of the apostrophe in the word it’s which is short for it is – and I don’t think that is what you meant here- so it should be its. A complicated point but the written work and the idea are fabulous. Full of action and emotion. Well done.

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