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The Lost Ballet Shoe by Bethany and Michela (Tatsfield Primary)

I was being thumped on the floor. I hated it. Squish-squash-squish-squash-pitter-patter-pit. People were staring at me. Then it stopped. I heard a booming voice; I would have covered my ears with my hands if I had any! “That was Anna Pavlova ladies and gents!” There was a loud banging, or clacking and that was it. Bruising my side, she threw me onto the cold, hard floor. It was then and there that I decided..I was going to leave!

I knew my plan. Just after Anna left, I slipped out behind her and began to potter up the corridor towards the exit. At least, I thought that it was the exit! And it was. (I would have wiped my brow if I could’ve). Suddenly, I was in the big wide world, and I was EXHAUSTED! Lying down on the pavement, I tucked myself underneath a wall…

I was woken by a rumble and I wasn’t where I left off. It was dark and tight. There was a musty smell in the air. As I breathed in, dust tickled my nose and I sneezed, hitting my vamp on the top of what seemed like…a box. I had been told many stories of boxes. When you are put in them, you get left and then thrown away; that is the end of you! I shook. I sat and waited…waited…waited.

Right now, an age later, I am still sat here. There is a giggling downstairs. I hate it here. Right now, I am deciding that I want to be thumped and thrown. I am lost…I will never dance again!

3 thoughts on “The Lost Ballet Shoe by Bethany and Michela (Tatsfield Primary)”

  1. Creativity Mrs W says:

    Bethany and Michaela I loved this piece of writing. The repetition of ‘I would have if I had any’ works wonderfully. I wonder what it would be like if at the end you included ‘I would have wiped my eyes if I had any’, and the effect that would have on the reader? Repetition sometimes happens in threes in some author’s writing. Do you think the shoe will ever dance again? Really great piece ladies, I really want to know what happens next… 🙂

    1. Bethany and Michela says:

      The giggling was meant to show that there were children and the shoe might get worn by one of them! Thank you for your tips Mrs W! We will take them and make another piece to carry on from it!

  2. Rachel Orr says:

    Bethany and Michela, I enjoyed reading your contributions on the padlet very much. It is ORRsome to see how to translate your ideas into the extended piece of writing. I love the idea of a lost ballet shoe. You have given it a voice and humour too.
    I particularly liked this line, ‘There was a musty smell in the air. As I breathed in, dust tickled my nose and I sneezed.’ You brought the ballet shoe to life highlighting human characteristics. You have left the reader wanting to know whether the shoe ever does dance again. Well done.

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