The mountain shoe

I started off in a shoe shop but then some one came in and picked me and tried me on I fitted perfectly. When I was put in the box I fell asleep then I woke up in a hotel room the women put me on and started walking out the door and I heard her say I am about to climb mount Everest then she put the spike in the bottom of my ankle she then met up with a group and started to climb. It took 10 days to reach the top for only to stay up there for a hour then they started to make their way back down the mountain and then when she reached the bottom she took the spike out and said she wont do it for a long time.

One thought on “The mountain shoe”

  1. Rachel Orr says:

    Ollie, I have a pair of mountain walking boots in my footwear collection. They have never been to Mountain Everest but they certainly have been on many adventures getting muddy. I especially like how you have used personification to give the mountain boots a voice. ‘Someone came in and picked me. She tried me on. I fitted perfectly.’ Note how I have turned your one sentence into three shORRter ones. I removed an ‘and’ as there were already two in the same sentence. I like ‘I fitted perfectly.’ You made the mountain boot sound very pleased with itself.

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