Treat people how you want to be treated

I hope one day people wont be jugged by the colour of their skin or if they are female for the world to be fair so that people wont be called a criminal because of the colour of their skin as they are human just like us so they don’t need to be treated differently. Same as women some of them are getting paid less for being a female they could do the same amount of work or more then a man and still get paid less.

One thought on “Treat people how you want to be treated”

  1. Carol Allen says:

    Hello Ollie
    I really enjoyed your views on what is a very topical subject at the moment as equality is the focus of a lot of news stories that you might have seen. Skin colour and gender are two of the factors that make some people treat others less fairly, and you have started to explain why this is so wrong. It might be good to re-read this aloud so you will be able to hear some bits which could be improved, for example the first sentence is too long and I’m sure you could sort this out! Well done and keep writing!

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