Maths Machine

Do you hate maths? Looking for help ?
Well don’t worry The Maths Machine gets all your school work done in no time !! Read on to find out how it works .
The Maths Machine can do any problem, never gets tired and is pocket size so you can sneak him in to class.

First,you have to get your maths sheet and fold it up into a small square.In the top of the robots head you will find a slot. Put the paper in.If it doesn’t fit fold it in to size.DO NOT JAM IT IN!!!!

Now , you have to wait at least 30 seconds before it pops out of his mouth with all the correct answers written on it with pencil.

Finally, you have to wait for you teacher to mark it and you’ll see you got them all rite!

One thought on “Maths Machine”

  1. Creativity Mrs W says:

    Thanks Alice. I love the way you’ve engaged the reader by asking questions at the beginning. The capital letters for emphasis works really well. Does it come in any other varieties? Can you get a robot for English or Science? Or is it the same robot with a different setting? Check your spelling of ‘rite’, as it’s missing a ‘w’. Great effort Alice – I would definitely purchase one of these machines!

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