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the Caterpillar and the beetle

Once there was a beautiful shining beetle and a ugly green thing. All the beetles teased him as he was sooo ugly and beetles are not hairy and they have only six’s legs not hundreds. So when they grew up the beetles became even more shiny and pretty. Whereas, the thing was just getting more fatter and more ugly.
One day the beetles were playing until the night but while the beetles were playing the thing was crying to his mother saying why am I so ugly. during the night when everyone was sleeping the thing started to walk until he found this tree to sleep on and when he was on the tree he started to change it looked like he was in some sort of sleeping bag which was hanging from a tree.
In the morning the beetles realised that the thing was gone so they went to look for it on the tree were the thing laid broke out half way at last the beetles found him wondering why he was laying in half broken sleeping bag and when the thing broke out of it he realised it was in the air it had wonderful magnificent wings all the other beetles gasped and asked there mother what is he she said he was a Caterpillar the whole time how could I have not noticed and she has now turn’t into a beautiful butterfly and she asked the kids remember the nest of caterpillars that were in the tree they all nodded and said she must of fell into are nest.
As soon as they said that the a group of butterfly went past them but one of them glimpsed the other butterfly and knew she saw that butterfly before so she stopped the group and the beetles mother explained that she must of rolled of your nest and came into our nest and she knew that was her daughter and introduced her to the group and they all flew away they were all beautiful even more beautiful than the beetles.

One thought on “the Caterpillar and the beetle”

  1. Creativity Mrs W says:

    Avina, I so look forward to reading your writing. You are really clever in hinting to the reader about ‘the thing’ without saying outright what it is – this really engages the reader and encourages them to read on. Some of you grammar tenses need changing ‘must have’ rather than ‘must of’ and ‘fallen’ instead of ‘fall’. I wonder if you could write the moral at the end of the story, as fables usually have it at the bottom to tell the reader. Does the beetle learn a lesson by the end? Lovely writing Avina, so proud of your achievement. 🙂

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