We were all laid out against the wall in colour order in size order in any order until. “Why should I bother with keeping all of our shoes in order” moaned Teddy “have Ellen do it.” Ted never looked forward to this chore because his shoes were always mud coated and completely scuffed whereas everyone else’s were in pristine condition even Sid had his baby shoes lined up in order with no damage at all. So he chucked us in the cupboard again, oh and If your wondering I am Wendy, Wendy Welly because I am a Wellington Boot.

One thought on “Welly’s!”

  1. Rachel Orr says:

    Ellie, isn’t ‘welly’ a wonderful word! It is so satisfying to say. I have two pairs of wellies in my footwear collection. One pair is purple and one a deep pink. I especially liked your final line, ‘Oh, and If you’re wondering, I am Wendy, Wendy Welly, because I am a Wellington Boot.’ Compare how I have re-written your sentence to your ORRiginal one. I love the alliteration you have used in naming the welly.

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